About Smiley

The name is Smiley, well not really but some people do call me Smiley. You have somehow found my little internet corner, YAY!  This is a place where, I share the things that make me happy, such as my Faith and love for Texas Country.
I decided to start this blog during a transition phase in my life, I moved from a big city (Houston) where I had lived all 24 years of my life to a smaller city that I had only occasionally visited. It was a way for me to share with my friends back from Houston, the new place I will learn to call home, the Rio Grande Valley. 

I was also going through a rough season, spiritually. I wanted to take advantage of this new journey to focus not just getting to know this new town, but getting to know God like I had never before. I knew I would have to challenge myself, do things out of my comfort zone, because I was tired of just going through the motions.

So what does Texas Country have to do with everything else? Well music in general is found everywhere, right? Well, Houston and the Rio Grande Valley are very different, but I figured if there was something that could give me that connection between these two cities, or any other city for that matter it would be Texas Country. The Texas Country/Red Dirt scene is really unique, the artists/bands also are very different but abide by the same principle – Make good music that means something – and I just absolutely love that.

This is it. This is my blog. A place where I can be my awkward 20 something self, ramble about the things I love and share with you reasons for my happiness. Now go check some of them out!

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