My Favorites, Your Favorites, Our Favorites of 2015!

 Welp, as the year gets ready to come to an end I figured a recap of my favorite songs for 2015 would be a nice way to end the year. I was not sure how many the list was going to contain because I loved so many, but I decided to keep it at 15 for well, 20-15! It was tough, but I think I’ve got it! This are the songs that spoke to me, that I identified with and that I could listen to over and over again. It was a difficult task but I decided to take on the challenge so here we go! In no particular order.....

Hopefully you noticed that you can vote. Yeah that's right! I want to know if YOU agree or if YOU have other choices!!!! You can vote on three different ones, or add even add your own. Let me see what yall think!

Cant wait  to see what music 2016 has in store.

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