My Songs: Lets Dance

Why are Mondays difficult to deal with? I don't think I will ever understand that. I don't even think Mondays suck, there is just something about having trouble dealing with the whole new rhythm of the work week once again... Maybe it's because for once in a really long time I did not want my weekend to end. So much has been happening around her, so many great things I should say. Need to catch y'all up on everything.

Lets get to it. This weeks playlist is all about songs that make you wanna get up and just dance. Songs that hopefully will get your week started of Great!

Okays, I decided to make a playlist of very different genres, because all that mattered was feeling great. So tell me what yall think.

When you are feeling the day is a drag, what do you normally do? any activities? listen to music? 

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