Oh, Houston You Make Me Smile...

About two weeks ago, my mom and I took a trip back to Houston. Back in April I bought my mom concert tickets to see someone she has wanted to see since she was a young girl, you can check out more about the concert here. 

Well for the first time in my life I spent about 7 hours on a bus. It wasn't the best ride but it got us where we needed to. It was also a lot cheaper than plane tickets, so that's a plus. My dad and youngest brother were already there waiting for us by the time we arrived. When we arrived home everyone was already in their rooms but came out to greet us. Then I made it to my room, geeh I missed my bed. Our friday was sort of uneventful, my parents went out and took care of some "business".We switched our phone companies, -yes! New phone!- mine was acting up. Although we all did our thing during the day, we all were home by dinner time. Having meals together has always been very important in our family.
Our First Meal as a Family again
Our Saturday on the other hand was extremely busy. My siblings and dad went to work together. The ladies of the family and my nephew stayed home. Once they guys arrived we started getting ready to meet up with a family that we care about. We were going to meet them at the park. It was seriously a beautiful day and perfect to spend it outside. 

Saturday, was also the day of the concert. After spending 4 hours or so at the park we stopped by for a quick dinner. My parents, my sister and I would be heading to the concert, while my siblings were going to the Houston Dynamo game. Thanfully we all had a blast!

Sunday, we spent time with more people that we deeply care about. I went to visit Izzy and her family. In order to get some "Facts" about her for the post I wrote last week, which you can check out here. Also, we finally got our "Team Izzy" shirts. Unfortunately I couldn't spend much time with them, because somebody else that we knew was at the hospital.After the hospital visit my dad had to meet up with my mom and her dear friend who is also going through some health issues. Although the visits were emotional, we were able to also look at them as moments were our relationships could grow. 
Team Izzy: Izzy, her mommy and baby sister
"Healing Garden"

As some may have heard of the recent events in Houston/Cypress area, there was an awful shooting were Deputy Goforth was killed. On Saturday there was a Police Lives Matter. Seeing my city come together in moments like this make my heart happy. Which is why seeing the flags at half staff definitely stirred some feelings. 

I miss Houston, I miss my friends and being able to spend time with my family. However I know that God has a plan for this new crazy journey ahead. This trip has reminded me of the things that I took for granted and that are now are the reasons my heart is happy.Although I did miss some concerts that I wanted to attend *cough* Scooter Brown Band *cough*, I am looking forward to my next trip back home. 

Have you ever left "home", gone back to visit and saw things differently? What are the things that you missed more from it?


  1. looks like it was a productive weekend for you guys!

  2. I love Texas. I recently went to Austin.

    We moved from Ohio to Tennessee last year. We visited once this past year and although so many things were the same many were different. :)

    1. One of the things I loved about Texas is that all of our cities are so very different as well. Houston and Austin although they have similarities they are different. I am glad you enjoyed your visit in Austin though.

  3. Replies
    1. I may be biased, but I think Texas is grand and worth the visit. :)