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As promised yesterday, I will be sharing with you a weekly playlist of sorts based on a theme. These will usually be posted on Mondays.

 "Performing Live gives me such a rush"- Benji in Pitch Perfect

I guess I always knew I would grow up to be a terrible singer. Which is why when I was little I didn't sing...I performed. According to my mom I would perform songs in front of family and enjoyed every minute of it. Honestly, I don't remember it all to well. I do however remember that I would act in some church plays. Yet, this explains why I can be a very dramatic person. Earlier this week, we talked about what songs were they? Once she told me, I could not stop laughing at myself. Figured, I would share the videos for the songs just so that you can understand how ridiculous I was.
Gloria Trevi y Selena

Keep in mind, that while I was young, most of the music we listened to was in Spanish.

1. Dos Mujeres Un Camino

While I watched this, I couldn't understand what it was that I would perform. This is the just the opening scene to a Novela. Well it seems that I would do what both actresses did, the hand motions messed with my hair, and danced by myself.

2. Ese Hombre es Mio

Paulina Rubio was kind of like the Britney Spears for me. They used to call her "The Golden Girl". The dances moves were simply to do, but she was sassy and girly.
3. Pelo Suelto

Back in the days, if you watched any show on Latin Television you couldn't escape Gloria Trevi. She was the equivalent to Madonna.You never knew what she was going to do in her next performances. This is definitely a tame version of what she would normally do.
When I would perform this song, I would jump on tables, couches, and do the whole hair thing. The hair was crucial for this song, as it is a rebellious song about being able to do whatever you want, and just let your hair loose. My mom recalls a time where I just wouldn't stop jumping. It is safe to say that they got upset with me, and I learned my lesson.

4. La Carcacha

I am sure I was not the only little girl in the early 90's that wanted to sing, dance, act like Selena. She was something fierce. I definitely enjoy her music and I am sure when I was younger I believed I could dance just like her. I mean, those moves are not that hard...who am I kidding?!
I performed as Selena for my 5th grade talent show, and it was hard to learn a routine that would look anything similar to hers. I tried though and everybody seemed to I loved it, at least it wasn't terrible!

Well there you go, a short video playlist of things I believed I was great at performing and enjoyed doing when I was younger. Now, I don't dance much, and certainly do not perform. I find myself being not so free spirited as I was back then. But being able to talk with my mom about moments like these definitely made me smile, who knows maybe in the future I will be in Americas Got Talent or something like that....Don't bet on it.

Did you also perform, act, or sing when you were a kid? or was there something else that you did? do you still do it? Let me know, I want to hear your stories.

*None of the videos are mine, they were all taken from Youtube.


  1. This was a great post. I love all these songs now! Especially "Dos Mujeres Un Camino." I see how that was irresistible to perform haha. It's so catchy. Those Novelas know how to make a good theme song!

    - Courtney

    1. Novelas are so cheesy, overly dramatic and addicting. hahaha. We don't watch them anymore but it was fun when we did. We would even watch the ones that were specially for children/family..those were fun.

  2. These were such fun artists to learn about! <3

    1. I am glad you think so! They are part of special memories of my younger years.