My Songs: Aug 31- Sept 6

Hey everyone! Yes, this recap post is being posted on a Tuesday, but you know things happen. Hopefully you have been able to catch up reading on my previous posts from last week like, my recap post for My Songs Aug 24-Aug 30,My Tiny Stories post to get to know more about one of my hobbies, and the Songs of the Month that I was able to do with the help of some friends. 

Well the first recap post of My Songs for the month of September is here. Hopefully yall enjoy the songs I am going to share. Remember if you want to follow on artist on twitter just click their name, if you like a song, click the title it would take you directly to their iTunes....Aaaand lets we go. 

Music Monday:
Jonny Diaz Thank God I Got Her Lyrics

#MusicMonday was an all time favorite from Jonny Diaz, Thank God I Got Her.The first time I heard it was on a country radio station. Although Jonny is a Christian music singer, the writing in this song feels like that of a country song. The song is sweet, loving and was inspired by Jonny's wife. It is definitely the song every women would want to be serenaded to. 

Tuesday Tune:
Maddie and tae After the storm blows over lyrics

#TuesdayTune involved Maddie and Tae, and After the Storm Blows Through from their new album "Starts Here". I am usually not big on female voices. Once it comes to country music there are only a few female singers that I actually enjoy listening to. However Maddie and Tae, I like. Their whole album is great, the lyrics are both funny, clever and powerful. This song without a doubt is one of my favorites.I really appreciate that is not really about a guy or anyone specifically, which makes it relatable to anyone. The girls have skill. Cant wait to see what else they will share with us.

What to Watch Wednesday:

#Whattowatchwednesday,I love Anime (Japanese animation), and Naruto is the show I always say I will finish but never get around to it.I stopped watching around season 6 and that was back in 2009 or so. I have tons to catch up with but one day I shall finish Naruto. Although I may have to go back and start from the beginning. Meh. Anybody else watch Anime?

Texas Country Thursday:
Jason Cassidy Cowboy Girl Lyrics

#TexasCountryThursday, Mr. Jason Cassidy is from my side of town (Houston). His song Cowboy Girl was being played on my way home from church this past thursday. Figured it would be the perfect song to share with yall. The song is about loving your partner for who he is and what he does. This song is not on Spotify but I found a video if you want to listen to it. Here. It is a great song. 

Favorite Lyrics Friday
Kip Moore Hey Pretty Girl Lyrics

#FavoriteLyricsFriday There is something different about Kip Moore, he has the rock vibe to him. Yet, some of my favorite songs of his are the most mellow ones. I am not sure why, and maybe it is just me. Hey Pretty Girl, will always be on of my favorites. The way it tells a story in a very simply but authentic way, just sucks me right into the song. Maybe its just me. Do you prefer his rock vibe songs of his more mellow tunes?

Summer Song Saturday/Sunday
Grease Summer Lovin Lyrics

 #SummerSongSunday ---well sometimes when your weekend is just,meh. You look for songs that make you happy and brighten up your day. For me it was Summer Nights from Grease. Hey, at least it still has the word Summer in it so it qualifies.

There we go, my songs of the week. What do yall think? Also wanted to let you know that I am changing things up a bit. I am going to try to go with Themes for my songs. I asked this question on my social media, what would make good themes? For example, Songs that make you laugh? Songs that start with the word GO? Also, I am doing taking away the "hashtags". Lets see how it works.One more thing, don't forget to follow me on social media!

Love ya, 


  1. I'd never heard Thank God I Got Her but oh my goodness that is the sweetest song ever! I laughed out loud about the pillows and towels because my husband would say the exact same thing about me. (Men just don't understand you can never have enough pillows). Love the songs for this week!

    1. hahaha, and you just posted about the pillows you bought from Ross & TJ Maxx. I adore this song, if you haven't heard his other stuff you should. He will be coming out with new music, including a song inspired by his daughter. Also if you have time you can always look back at my previous "My Songs" post, I try to add songs that are not soooo popular.

  2. I love that song- Thank God I got her, so beautiful.
    Men and the pillows and towels, haha

    1. Yes it is a wonderful song. No wonder his wife loves it...haha

  3. i gotta expand my musical horizons a bit :D

  4. What a great idea to share your fav music!! I find that God often talks to me through songs and LOVE to find new ways to worship with new artists and songs I've never heard before :) Thanks for sharing

    1. You're welcome! I feel the same way about music, that is why Lyrics are so important to me. Although I still like some songs that are just fun for the sake of being fun.