Mom's Favorites:Female Singers

This weeks theme is going to be Las Favoritas de mi Mama: Mujeres Cantantes, Mom's Favorites: Female Singers.

When I was younger, my parents would drive my siblings and I everywhere. I am sure that was a common thing for most parents to do. You know? Since for most of our youth years we could not drive ourselves to the babysitter or school. During that time, my parents were in charge of what was played on the radio. Although most of the music had been released before I was even born, it was not terrible. Maybe I just forced myself to love it, because I didn't have much of an option. Either way, I up until this day I still sing along to the songs. 

For this week I made a list of my mom's favorite female singers, and decided to pick my favorite songs by them. Like me, my mom mainly listened to Spanish music. Once again all of the songs are in Spanish.
Female Singers Latinas

Here you go. 
Marisela- A singer of Mexican decent, who began her career when she was 18. She sings Pop songs   about love, and heartbreaks. Nicknamed "La Dama de Hierro" meaning "The Iron Lady"

Ana Gabriel- Mexican Singer, known for her raspy voice. She is able to blend genres to showcase her voice and her songs in a unique way. From singing rancheras, to pop, she is a very successful songwriter and producer. 

Beatriz Adriana- One of the most recognized Mexican female singers for rancheras and mariachi. She is know for her yell "Ora pues". She has also acted in a couple of Mexican films. 

Lucero- A Mexican Singer who has been the spotlight since a young age. She has done novelas, films and hosted TV shows. She is known as "La Novia de America"- "The Girlfriend of America".She sings both rancheras and pop music. 

Rocio Durcal- A Spanish singer with a deep love for Mexico. She was known as "La Española más Mexicana", "The Most Mexican Spaniard". She sang rancheras like no other and everyone loved her. She passed away in 2006. 

Although all of the artist have more recent songs, that are great. I picked songs that were released before I was born. Those were the songs that were played before I had a choice. Those were the songs that I grew to love without realizing it. Did you like the same music that your mom or dad liked when they were younger? Or maybe you did at a time but no longer do? Tell me about it. This is the first edition on this so be in the look out for more of "The Favorites"- "Las Favoritas"


  1. Music always reminds me of times, places or events! Growing up, my Mom and I would turn up the music SO loud and drive around with the windows down listening to country songs and our favorite artists! Fun memories!

    1. I have to agree, music reminds me of certain times, places or events as well. Maybe that is why for me it is so important. When I was younger, we would listen to what my parents like, from 13 and older our parents let us take control of the radio. Thankfully everyone in my family likes a mix of everything, so we are usually always happy. Unless I am in control of the radio, because I prefer country & that would be the last choice for everybody else.

  2. Wow! Very interesting list. I've never listened to them but I've already looked after on the internet and if I have a little time, I'll listen to the songs.

    1. Thank you! It is always great to explore music and other cultures or ideas...not everything is for everyone but we can at least give it a shot. if you do, let me know what you think!