My Songs: Aug 3rd- Aug 9th

Heeeyyy! Recap post to make your Mondays suck a little less. Although looking through my song choices for last week I realize that clearly I was very emotional. Some of these songs have some serious feelings. Let's not delay and get right to them.

Music Crush Monday:
Checkmate Lyrics
#MusicCrushMonday had to be a Jesse McCartney song. Yes, the kid who used to sing 'Beautiful Soul". The one who voices Roxas in "Kingdom Hearts". He released a new album last year or so, and he also toured (I was there). Checkmate has to be one of my favorite songs from the "In Technicolor" album, his ballads are always amazing. The song itself has a bit of anger to it, so it is not your typical sweet early 2000's Jesse McCartney. I highly suggest you check it out. If you can check out the whole album, his music has changed and so have the lyrics, don't be shocked.

Tune Tuesday:
Never Give Up Lyrics
#TuesdayTune, I woke up Tuesday with some Curtis Grimes songs in mind. I just knew that it was a Curtis Grimes kind of day. I began to play all of his songs available, even checked out music videos. I enjoy seeing artist perform, it can help understand a song a bit better. Well, it pretty much took me all day to figure this one out. It's probably because I absolutely love his songs, but I did not want to pick one of his more popular songs. It was late, when this song Never Give Up began to play, and it just struck me. I had heard it before that through out the day, but it wasn't until I really just listened to the song that I understood it. Working on this blog has got me thinking about so many things. Past relationships and friendships that have gone bad. That they were bad at the time but looking back, they ended being for the better. This line in itself fits all of it perfectly. Give it a listen. Also if you love it might as well get ready for his Bottom of the Fifth album, which you can preorder. Here.

What to Watch Wednesday:
Whiskey on my Breath Music Video
#whattowatchwednesday is the music video for a song that I have shared several times. Whiskey On my Breath by Love and Theft, is one of those songs that I will never understand why it is not being played more often. It is reminiscent of Vince Gill "Go Rest High on that Mountain", thanks to the amazing harmonies that these two have. However I feel that even if this song reminds you of another, it stands on its own. The mixture of the lyrics, harmonies and the music video make for a perfect combination. One that hits hard. Seeing the journey this individual goes through, this journey of redemption really makes me think. We all have moments like that. I've had moments like that. In addition to the story, I love the idea of using glass bottles to shoot through. The way the color changes once things begin to progress in a positive direction gives me a sense of hope. If you haven't already, check the video out and enjoy it. If you like it share it with others.

Texas Music Thursday:
Old With You Lyrics
#texasmusicthursday was dedicated to Mr.Cory Morrow, since this past Friday he was at Big Texas Clear Lake. I figured why not. Besides my last concert in Houston consisted of seeing him and Cody Johnson for my birthday. If you know anything about Cory Morrow, you may know that he had some rough situations to deal with in the past. Like the rest of us. What I appreciate about him is that he shares with his fans his testimony daily. It is a reminder that God is always watching out for us. I love his songs, and the stories they tell, very honest stories. Also, the guy is full of energy, always an joy to watch perform. Everyone should definetly check out his single Old With You, from his album The Good Fight.

Favorite Lyrics Friday
The Motions Lyrics
#FavoriteLyricsFriday I won't expand on this one much since I plan on expanding in a future post.Motions by Matthew West is one of the many songs that tell my story.  2 weeks this is exactly what I felt. 2 weeks ago I spent the night praying about what to do next. 2 weeks ago I became sure I would start this blog. Before that everything was up in the air, I wasn't sure about anything. I'm still unsure about a lot of things. 2 weeks ago I finally felt something, that reminded me of why I am here. No longer going through the Motions.

Summer Song Saturday/Sunday
Talk About the Weather Lyrics
#SummerSongSunday I don't know what makes a song a summer song, since I cant remember when summer starts. Even though this song was released some time in March or April, it is still currently rising in the charts at #5. To me that qualifies. Besides, who doesn't wanna talk about this Texas weather? I really enjoy this song Rich O'Toole and Stephanie Lynn make such a great duet. Also the topic itself, is something that I can relate to, maybe we could all relate to at times. What do you say after everything has already been said. What if you still care about that other person? well, looks like you have to Talk about the Weather.  

Okay everyone, this took longer to write than expected but finally! We've reached the end of this post. I know some of these songs carry some strong feelings. Many of which we can all relate to, well at least I can. My blog is meant for me to share the things that make me smile. Well, if it weren't for moments as the ones described with these songs I wouldn't appreciate everything else. I wouldn't know what to smile for. Emotional songs are needed to keep us Smiling.

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  1. This is a fun post. I always like finding new music :)

    1. Hoping to be able to do this each week! Did you get to listen to the songs? Also make sure to check out My recap for July 27- Aug 2.

  2. maybe i need to be a bit more open to different kinds of music :D

    1. There is some great music out there with very special messages. I am a sucker for good lyrics that tell a story.