My Songs Aug 24-Aug 30

Well it is Monday....again! It is funny how it always comes back. So, here is to a new week. First, lets take a look back at some of my favorite songs. Before we get  to that thought, I just want to share something with y'all. Looking for the ideal songs for each day can be difficult but I love doing it. I always find myself meeting new people because of it, or learning more about my own friends & why they like certain songs versus others.  Just something that came to mind and wanted to share. Now we can get to the recap. Lets Go!

Music Monday:
Lego House Lyrics
#MusicMonday was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend on Twitter.
She saw Ed Sheeran covering a song that she liked and decided to give the rest of his music a shot. The whole conversation reminded me when my roommate Christian introduced me to his music. Took me back to those days. We would both get out of work late and just listen to music while driving around, trying to find a place to eat. I miss those days. Here I share the first Ed Sheeran song I ever heard Lego House. Yes, the music video to this songs is the one with Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint).

Tune Tuesday:

El Dorado Lyrics
#TuesdayTune was my way of coping with the fact that I missed the #HMBWT (Hold my beer watch this) tour for Randy Rogers Band and Wade Bowen. This is an acoustic show that they have been doing for a couple of years now. They also released an Vol 1. album for it. Just an FYI this album was not just about partying and getting drunk, it is an album about their friendships and their careers. All of the songs in the album tell a part of their story. El Dorado is my favorite one, it is still ballad where they both showcase their vocals and harmonies kids. 

 What to watch Wednesday

Shows to Watch
#WhattoWatchWednesday: Once again this week, my pick for Wednesday was a show. Although Switched at Birth does not come out on Wednesdays, the new season did start last week. This is probably the only show I watch on ABC Family. I honestly started watching it for the ASL but stayed for the drama. Although it is not over exaggerated drama, they do touch base on serious topics which I can appreciate. I also learned that my cousins wife actually enjoy this shows as much as I do, which is always great to have some to be able to talk to.

Texas Music Thursday

Sent me you Lyrics
#TexasMusicThursday was spent listening to some Josh Ward. He was performing with Curtis Grimes this past Thursday. The lyrics in Sent Me You song stood out to me because of the vulnerability it expresses. I shared this picture on my Instagram and turns out that this is "the song' of one of my followers and her boyfriend. <---see how music helps us learn things about people and meet new people. 

Favorite Lyrics Friday
Long Trip Alone Lyrics

#FavoriteLyricsFriday This past week Dierks Bentley had several shows around Texas. Unfortunately I did not go to any which is cool. Once it comes to the "Big" country stars he is my favorite, although I still feel he is greatly underrated. Long Trip Alone is one of his most emotional songs. Although it speaks more directly about a relationship with a person you love. There are lyrics in the song that make me think of my relationship with God. Maybe that's why I love this song.

Summer Song Saturday/Sunday
Faint of Heart Lyrics
#SummerSongSunday is for Sister C, geeh way to many S's in this sentence.  They are three sisters,Cirby,Carli and Celbi. They recently released their new single Faint of Heart, and although I have not heared it on the radio I was intrigued by a post from Sirius XM The Highway that mentioned them. It was a picture of a cooler with some cold Shiner, yall know that is my favorite, figured these girls had to be cool. I searched for their music and listened to the song a couple of times. It is sassy and witty, and not offensive, the girls were definitely cool.Turns out that although Sister C was new to me, many may have heard of them previously. They were on a show -----The X Factor--ring a bell to anyone? Well turns out a friend of mine was rooting for them! Once again a reminder that music always helps you learn more about those around you.

And BAM! We are done with August! So this is the last "My Songs" post for this month. Remember follow the artist, listen to their music if you love it, buy it and share it. I have asked a couple of friends to listen to my songs and let me know which ones were their favorites. There will be a future posts with their thoughts and their picks. So look out for it. Also I am working on future blog posts that don't just relate to music because there are other things out that make me smile.


  1. "Long Trip Alone" is one of my favorite songs from Dierks Bentley. I really like the song by Sister C you shared. I'm always up for a sassy and witty song like that!

    - Courtney

    1. I am a huge Dierks Bentley music lover, & I still very clearly remember the first time I heard that song. It is definitely one of my favorites. One of my friends stated he believe they could be the next Dixie Chicks..I am just looking forward to more music from them