My Songs Aug 10-Aug 16 2015

Alright, it is Monday!...Jk it is Tuesday, my internet was out yesterday and couldn't post this. Hopefully the songs I am about to share with you make it a little bit better. They certainly made my week. These are a little different to the ones on last weeks recap post, that is probably because I was not feeling as emotional. If you want to know what I am talking about check out my previous posts. Besides, it is still summer and fun songs are always needed! As always, you can click on the artist Twitter Handle to give them a follow. Click the song name so you can buy the song. Lets get started!

Music Monday
Fire Lyrics

#MusicMonday last week went out to Mr.Brett Eldredge with his song "Fire". He has to be on of my favorites for this "new generation" of country music. In my opinion his voice is amazing! This song "Fire" is from his upcoming album "Illinois". If you have preordered the album you know he has been releasing new tracks sporadically. Which is where this one is from. He also has "Just a Taste" and "Illinois" all great tracks in my opinion. Also just an FYI, Brett is one of the funniest persons to follow on Snapchat. He can make any day a little bit better. Make sure to check his music out, or at least his Snapchat.

Tune Tuesday
                                        Sunshine and Whiskey Lyrics

#TuneTuesday was Frankie Ballard and his song "Sunshine and Whiskey". This was also the song that a year ago on that day I had shared with my wonderful Facebook Friends. It had been shortly after I saw Frankie in concert. This boy puts on a rockin show. I remember he jumped off the stage, into the crowd and proceeded to climb on top of the roof of the food court. All while still singing. He also seems to put this same energy for all of his shows. Gotta appreciate that.
What To Watch Wednesday
Sparks Music Video

#whattowatchwednesday- okay, question- Who else knew that Hilary Duff has a new Album out? Please tell me it wasn't just me. Well if you didn't know she released her album sometime in July by the title of Breath in. Breath out. Sparks is the name of the music video I picked for my Wednesday. I needed something bright and happy to watch, and just look at those colors!It is also fun and upbeat, just like Hil herself.  Besides I have always enjoyed her music, and sort of digging that gray/blue/purple hair. Check out her album for new music from Hilary. I am bound to share my favorite song from it soon. Do you think you can guess what it is?
Texas Music Thursday
Dancing All Around It Lyrics

#TexasMusicThursday- Alright so it seems to be that I have picked up the habit of choosing someone who will be performing in Houston that week. In this case Mike Ryan played at The Firehouse Saloon. I also happened to catch an interview with him on Radio Texas Live if I remember correctly. He seems like a really cool guy who just enjoys what he does. His song "Dancing All Around It" is seriously one of my favorites right now-gotta listen to the story of it.Hopefully I will be able to catch one of his shows soon, maybe in Corpus? Check out his website to see if you can catch one of his shows.

Favorite Lyrics Friday-

Proud Lyrics

#FavoriteLyricsFriday- Honestly, I could listen to Cody Johnson all day ( sometimes I do). Proud is one of my favorite songs by him. The relationship he describes and how proud he is of the woman in his life is something I always admire from his songs. This song is very straightforward of what is admired of the woman in this relationship-how he loves her and what she means to him. How he strives to do good for her, in order for her to be proud of him, and that is why he is "proud of being her man". My favorite lyrics of the song are the one in the picture, to me it just meant that he was proud of who she was, all of her. Also heads up Cody Johnson has several upcoming shows so make sure to stay on top of those.

Summer Song Saturday/Sunday
Airwaves Lyrics

 #SummerSongSaturday- for once I was able to pick my summer song on a Saturday. Usually I have a much more difficult time with this hashtag because I honestly prefer slower tunes, and summer means fun! right? Well, this was my "fun" song of the summer, Airwaves the new single by Brett Kissel. Yes, he is once again in my blog. For those that have forgotten Brett is a Canadian Country Music artist, as for now it seems that his shows are mainly in well, Canada. For now the chances of him being able to make it to Texas are pretty slim. Although he will be performing at the Opry Aug 29th. I wont be able to make it, but hopefully some of yall could. Well anyways back to this song. Airwaves is a fun song about love, maybe even summer love? That is a real thing right, not just a Grease song? back to the song, the beat is killer, is fun and inviting there must really "be something in the Airwaves" that just makes you want to start swaying and dancing to it. Enjoy this song, sway to it, dance to it, love it, buy it, share it! The only way I found to pre-order the album here from the states is directly from his website [Here].Also if you decide to follow him on twitter make sure to congratulate the soon to-be daddy, and his wife Cecilia! #babykissel

Well there we go, another week filled of songs for your hearing pleasure. I just realized I started the week with Brett Eldredge and ended with Brett Kissel, something about the name Brett, I guess. Let me know what you think of the songs, do you like? do you not like? What are your suggestions? Most importantly did they put a smile on your face?


  1. Oh my god! I give you kudos for figuring out a song for every day of the week! That is NOT easy by any means!! I have trouble figuring out what the song of the day would be! Lol

    Since you like country music and if you're looking for any new music, I have two that you might like or find interesting. There's Shotgun Holler, I graduated with their fiddliest Alex and then there's Payton Lynn, she's from my hometown in Indiana. She's fairly young to be doing this professionally but she is good nonetheless! Hope you like! :)

    1. hahaha, I am always listening to music and I find myself falling in love with songs. Even if I have heard them before. It all depends on what is going on in my life, my mood.You know? This is my 3rd post like this, so hopefully I can keep pulling it off. Although I am giving myself some freedom on Wednesdays-That can either be a show, movie or music video.

      Thanks for the suggestions, I just gave both a follow on Twitter. Payton is 15 right? and Shotgun Holler are from Kentucky? I just want to make sure I follow the ones you suggested. I prefer new music because more than likely my readers haven't been introduced to them, but the main purpose is to introduce new music to my readers more than anything.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I love sunshine and whiskey!!! :-)

    1. Me too! And Frankie is an entertainer! He puts on a rocking show!

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