He Forgives me, I Forgive Me Part 2.


The beginning process for this blog was a bit confusing for me. I couldn’t even think of what to name it!!! Thankfully God helped with that as well. I received a message from someone that I admire and respect at 3am with the suggestion of Smiley Shares. Couldn’t really ignore that sign. I knew God was on my side. I knew I had to do this.

Last week I made my first blog post. Last week was also one of the most difficult and beautiful weeks I’ve had. On Wednesday I woke up to my first- “first5 app*” message. It had to do with Grace and Judgement. I realized that although God had already forgiven me, I had yet to forgive myself. I read it and feared the judgment of others. I also I felt, I had been quick to judge others. That is not how it was supposed to be.

 Thankfully God knew what I needed to hear. The messages kept getting better. They all seemed directed towards me. Saturday came around and they had a recap of sorts, where they targeted Sin. Not only that but later at church, Sin was also the topic. I was reminded that nobody is exempt. Even the most converted and changed person, sins. I knew I wasn’t exempt. I didn’t see myself above others I knew I was capable of wrong doing, but I let the guilt and regret take over me. Why if I knew God had forgiven me as He is able to forgive all, why couldn’t I forgive myself?

New Beginnings
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Before service ended on Saturday, the pastor suggested what we could pray when seeking forgiveness.  God I am sorry, help me not to do this ever again, restore me.  Needless to say, that night I prayed just that. I needed to get rid of everything I myself let take over me. There was no way I would ever be happy if I kept feeling guilty and regretful.  It would do no good. I would always have that little seed inside that could potentially grow and end up hurting me even more again.

Maybe this was not the story that immediately made you smile. I have learned one thing, we all go through struggles, make mistakes, but He always remains faithful. Now here I am. Sharing my story with you for the pure purpose of sharing the reason that I SMILE

*- First 5 app,shares a daily morning messages. They are about 5 minutes long. 


  1. Isn't it good to be forgiven? I'm thankful for God's grace more every day. thanks for sharing!