"When I Was Young" Single Review by A & V

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Late last week Edinburg, Texas native Eddie Saenz released his first single in what seems like forever. “When I was Young” gives us a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming sophomore album, “17 hours”. The full album is scheduled to be released on June 16, 2017. If I were you, I would make sure to add that to your calendars.

“When I was Young” was co-written by Eddie Saenz and Angie Marie Gonzalez, during the time that Eddie spent in Nashville. The song written takes us through a journey of those young adulthood years, where we learn more about life and who we are.
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The song seems autobiographical and it may be to an extent. As the song starts and the beat picks up, we find ourselves listening to a young man reflecting on his youth. Those moments of being a free spirited, whose only focus seems to be putting miles on his car.

But then you hear it, that moment of reflection, "I've lost a few good years on my habits and vices, not thinking about the damage I had done, when I was young." Many will be able to relate to the lyrics, it might be the vices or giving your "heart to anyone without a thought”. As the song seems to reach a high point with the wonderful electric guitar riffs, we are quickly brought back to reality, and all you are able to focus on is Eddie singing that last verse.

Our past teaches us about who we use to be, it helps mold us into who we are to become." When I Was Young", gives insight as to what kind of Eddie Saenz wants to be, one that although young can still provide some insight on life, and what he knows to be true. We look forward for the full album to be released, because if this single tells us anything is that Eddie Saenz, will definitely have one of the best albums of the year. 

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Texas Music Thursday: Curtis Grimes "Undeniably Country" Review

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I’ve had this review saved in my drafts for a while, as I had been unable to finish it. But with the second single already climbing up the charts there was no point in delaying. Here is my long overdue “Undeniably Country” album review.
 “Undeniably Country” was released November 2016, and it holds 8 new tracks. I would like to point out that Grimes delivers what he promises, in a time where country music is “evolving” and ever “changing” to call something undeniably country, and people to agree with that statement is a difficult task. Yet, regardless of how you feel about the songs on the album, you simply cannot deny that the album as a whole is country and that should be respected.

The 8 songs on the album take us through a personal journey and help us get to know Curtis Grimes on an intimate level. “Everything Hank Did”, a song originally written for Keith Whitley, describes moments of confusion, bad decisions, realization and refocus. Although this song was not written by Grimes, a reason it is personal for him, is because it connects two of his musical inspirations, Hank Williams and Keith Whitley. Curtis Grimes is from the small town of Gilmer, TX and “If You Ask Me” highlights the many values he was raised on. Lyrically it may sound simple, but it is able to get the message across of knowing to appreciate the small things in life everything else is just extra.
Every album needs a love song, right? Well, maybe not…but when you’re in the process of making an album, and you get married, I am sure it is something that easily ties into it. This song was written by Thomas Rhett and Chris Janson, which I think is pretty cool. The song is simple, but sweet as shares details about the relationship of the couple, it is fun, and upbeat. This song does play with the lines of a mainstream sound, yet Curtis is able to keep a traditional sound on it. Following the first single of the album, we have what would end up being the second single “Right about Now” . The song sounds like a conversation a guy is having with a friend who is afraid to realize he messed up his relationship due to his “pride”. What I enjoy about this song, is the sense of humor in it, not only do you get that from the lyrics but also from the interpretation, it is as if you could hear Curtis smiling while sharing this story.

With the next two songs, there’s a shift. “Had a Thing “is lyrically deeper, and vulnerable. It talks about vices - “Whiskey, women and weed”, struggles- “guitar and old dive bars” “sad old country songs” and Faith “Jesus and Amazing Grace”. The song transitions beautifully into the fiddle playing “Amazing Grace” projecting that emotion of hope. This is where “Born to Die” easily fits in.  “Born to Die” is a worship song, a country worship song. It is simple, and transparent, and although he does not mention “Lord” (1:30) and “Jesus” until at least 3 mins into the 3:23 song, the meaning is clear.
“Put my Money on That” switches back to an upbeat, guitar heavy song about the things that you can always count on in life. Just like “If You Ask Me” both songs discuss values; however “Put My Money on That” does it in a more upfront, unapologetic, sort of way. Lastly, we have “Ten Year Town” this song is simply pure fun; many seem to discuss what will be of “Nashville Country” if it continues with the pop blending. “Ten Year Town” just so happens to be Curtis witty take on the topic.
"The new album from Curtis Grimes is a step into true traditional country music" -   
Kate Kinder "West Tx Sweetheart"
As you can see, the album, touches on different aspects of life. From those moments of regret tho those filled with hope. I think we can all appreciate the fact that Curtis Grimes has shared a bit of himself with us, the listeners, and didn’t shy away from the ugly parts,even included his personal beliefs, which can sometimes be a risky thing to do. If you have yet to listen to the album now it is the time to do so, and don't forget to request the latest single "Right About Now" at your local radio station.

Introducing...... The Powell Brothers: By Aaron Aguirre

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Back in February, I shared with you all my own personal perspective on "Four Wheel Hotel" the newly released single for The Powell Brothers. A group of dynamic brothers, that I had the pleasure of seeing during the UTRGV Hestec Community Day. Well, on February 14th...Yes, Valentine's Day. The Powell Brothers released their EP. This was their way of introducing themselves to everyone else, that unlike me had the opportunity to already see them perform. Considering this was an introduction album, and I was already introduced to them I decided to contact Aaron (Co-Contributor for Texas Music Talk) to share his perspective on the album and his first impression. Ready to see what he has to say?

Introducing....The Powell Brothers: By Aaron Aguirre

Going in, I can admit I wasn't familiar with The Powell Brothers, but that changed fairly quickly. As soon as the first beat of "I Can See It Now" dropped, I was brought in. Their EP, "Introducing... The Powell Brothers" starts off up beat and ready to party. Once you delve into the first track, you are pleasantly surprised with the amount of harmonies these brothers incorporate into their songs. When we switch over to "Can't Help Myself", we're slowed down to tell the story of the guy, wondering if the girl he has eyes for, is with the right man. Easy listening would be an understatement of this track. "Four Wheel Hotel" the EP's lead single, does a great job capturing the essence of the band, and most bands on the road. The verses take you through a weekend of playing shows and struggling to find a spot to rest. 

On the home stretch of the EP, I face a familiar situation when I listen to music. I tend to wonder about the stories of people sung about. "Evangeline" is no different. The song is a captivating story, the break-up that Evangeline and her man go through, takes you on a short emotional journey. It left me wondering what led to this situation, and wanting to fill in the blanks about their time together. Maybe we will get a followup on subsequent albums and join them for the roller coaster ride, I'm sure their story was. Closing out with "Everybody Dies", is a very fitting ending to the record. You can't help but start to question the path of life in which you are on right now.  "Everybody dies, but not everybody lives" is such a powerful line, it's a good reminder that you have to get out and live life with purpose. In reality, this is actually what the brothers and their band members are doing with their own lives. The Powell Brothers have created a fan out of me. Now that I have been introduced to them, I am look forward to getting to know them. 

Aaron Aguirre is the Main Contributor at Texas Music Talk. "A Place to discuss and promote Texas Country, coming live from South Texas". To hear more about his thoughts on music, make sure to follow along with his social media. 
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The Love For New Music: Ft. "Four Wheel Hotel" by The Powell Brothers

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It is February 14th the day most commonly related to all things love. I mean, after all it is “Valentine’s Day”. However, this will definitely not be a Valentine’s Day post. In fact this will be the first of its kind, and hopefully more to come during this 2017. With that being said, let’s get right to today's “Single Review” so y’all can continue with your Valentine’s Day plans, or if you are like me and just need an excuse for new music. Here you go. 

I was first introduced to “Four Wheel Hotel” when I saw The Powell Brothers at HESTEC Community Day a couple of months ago, and before their song "Four Wheel Hotels" was actually released as a Single. I decided to not share my thoughts on the song then, because I wanted to hear it the way it was intended, as single. I wanted to see how the song held up on its own, without the environment of a concert, and how I would feel about it when it randomly played during a drive around town. Because if a song makes you feel happy in those moments, then it is good. So I added it to my playlist and pressed shuffle, waiting until it finally came on.

From the beginning the song demands your attention. It is a quick foot stomping song, detailing the overlooked struggles of a touring artist and well, in this case a band. It takes you through the journey of traveling from one city to another, struggling to pay for gas, and sleepless nights. However, it also shares the reason they continue to do so even if it means one more night in the “Four Wheel Hotel”. Although the song itself is depicting the ugly side of the traveling lifestyle, when listening to the music there is no denying that the band enjoys what they do, also the harmonies add this haunting touch to the song itself. It definitely a song that I can listen throughout my day, especially during my constant road trips or even when I am driving all around the RGV. 

Now, today is more than just Valentines Day. It is also the official release of their EP "Introducing...The Powell Brothers". If you want to hear what I am talking, get to know them, and their music a bit more, go and give their album a listen. You can find it at iTunes (LINK) & Google Music (LINK)